Conference Papers & Speeches

2019                                      Florence, EU-STRAT workshop 'Drivers of Opening and Closure in the Eastern Neighbourhood:                                                   What Lessons for the European Union'

                                               Presentation: 'Dual Agent of Transition: How Turkey perpetuates and undermines neo-patrimonial                                                        patterns in its Post-Soviet Neighbourhood',

                                               18-19 February.


2018                                      Bucharest, 'The present and future of secessionist conflicts'.

                                               Organizer and chair of a workshop at New Europe College in cooperation with the 

                                               Leibniz Institute for East and South East European Studies

                                               7 July.


                                               Istanbul, 'Diverging Lines: Dialogue and cooperation in research on the Eastern Black Sea region'.                                                        Organizer and chair of this EU-STRAT project workshop in cooperation with Bogazici University,

                                               8 June.


                                               IstanbulGlobal Leadership Forum Bahcesehir University

                                               Presentation: The European Union's Existential Crisis, 

                                               12-13 May.


                                               Cambridge, British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES) Annual Conference.

                                               Presentation: Turkish Foreign Policy towards its Eastern Black Sea Neighbours

                                               13-15 April.


2017                                      Tbilisi, Data Collection Workshop with researchers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and                                                     Ukraine.

                                               20-21 November.


                                               Regenstauf, 1st Corridors Young Researchers Workshop: Obstacles and Opportunities for Dialogue

                                               and Cooperation in Protracted Conflicts.

                                               Presentation: Turkey's foreign policy towards the Black Sea and South Caucasus regions,

                                               3-9 September.


                                               IstanbulGlobal Leadership Forum Bahcesehir University

                                               Presentation: The European Union and the Crisis of Democracy, 

                                               6-7 May.


2016                                      Washington, DC, 9th Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa

                                               Presentation: Alternative Identities and the State in Contemporary Turkey

                                               27-29 October.


                                               Istanbul, Global Leadership Forum Bahcesehir University.

                                               Presentation: Internal Crises of the European Union,

                                               14-15 May. 


2015                                      Montreal, European Consortium for Political Research General Conference.

                                               Presentation: The failure of transitional justice in South Sudan,

                                               26-29 August.


                                               Paris, 6th European Conference on African Studies.                                                                                                                                    Presentation: Seeing is believing!? Making and propagating an idea of the nation in South Sudan,

                                               8-10 July.


2014                                      San FranciscoSudanese Studies Association 33rd Annual Conference. 

                                               Presentation: Does Nationbuilding matter for State-building in South Sudan?,

                                               23-25 May.


                                               Mainz, Institute for Anthropology and African Studies.

                                               Speech: Nation verzweifelt gesucht. Staats- und Nationenbildung im Südsudan, 

                                               13 May.


2013                                      Baltimore, 56th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association.

                                               Presentation: Deterritorialisation and reconfigured sovereignty in South Sudan,

                                               21-24 November.


                                               KampalaNile Basin Conference ‘Authority, territory, community: dynamics of water, land tenure                                                          regimes, and state formation in Africa’.

                                               Presentation: Land and belonging in emerging South Sudan,

                                               14-15 October.


                                               Halle, Conference Emerging South Sudan: negotiating statehood 

                                               Panel Chair: ‘Post-Conflict Reconstruction’, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology,

                                               23-24 September.


                                               Lisbon, 5th European Conference on African Studies.

                                               Presentation: Making borders and identities in South Sudan,

                                               27-29 June.


                                               Rome, Conference Empires and Nations from the 18th to the 20th century.

                                               Presentation: South Sudan – an outlier in post-colonial African nation-building?,

                                               20-22 June.


                                               Zagreb, Conference Identities and Identifications – Politicized Uses of Collective Identities.                                                                Presentation: Nationbuilding in Nascent South Sudan – How to Remember the War, 

                                               18-20 April.