Conference Papers & Speeches

2024                                 Istanbul, Kadir Has University

                                               Convenor and Organizer of the Workshop 'Feminist Security Policy for the Black Sea region'

                                               11 June.


2023                                 Ankara, TED University, Center for Gender Studies

                                               Speech: The Promise of Feminist Foreign Policy

                                               1 December.


2022                                 Thessaloniki, 9th European Workshops in International Studies

                                               Workshop: Populism in International Relations - Moving Beyond Borders and Levels of Analysis

                                               Presentation: 'Populist Subaltern Realism',

                                               6-7 July.


                                         Istanbul, Conference organized by Acibadem University's Sociology Department

                                               Speech: 'Europe's Migration Policy during the War',

                                               17 May.


2021                                 London, Webinar "Towards Open Access Social Orders" by the journal East European Politics

                                               Presentation: 'The rising power of Turkey and the role of business entrepreneurs',

                                               12 March.


                                         Zürich, Lecture Series Die Türkei am Scheideweg? at Volkshochschule Zürich

                                               Presentation: 'Das Wirtschaftswunder in der Baisse',

                                               18 January.                               


2019                                 Sofia, 13th Pan-European Conference on International Relations

                                               Presentation: 'Beyond Brussels and Moscow: Turkey as an alternative player in its

                                               post-Soviet neighbourhood', and

                                               Presentation: 'Dual Agent of Transition: How Turkey perpetuates and undermines neo-patrimonial                                                        patterns in its Post-Soviet Neighbourhood',

                                               12 September.                                 


                                         St Gallen, Public Lecture Series 'Einladung zur Politikwissenschaft: Aktuelle politische

                                               Herausforderungen und ihre Erforschung'

                                               Presentation: 'Einblicke in die gegenwärtige Türkei: aussenpolitische Fragen'.

                                               16 May.                                  


                                         The Hague, EU-STRAT Final Conference at Leiden University

                                               Presentation: 'Dual Agent of Transition: How Turkey perpetuates and challenges neo-patrimonial                                                          patterns in its Post-Soviet Neighbourhood',

                                               11-12 April.


                                               Siggen, Junge Europäischen Föderalisten Europa-Akademie on EU-Africa relations

                                               Presentation: 'Zentralisierung und Föderalismus im postkolonialen Afrika',

                                               7 April.


                                               Florence, EU-STRAT workshop 'Drivers of Opening and Closure in the Eastern Neighbourhood:                                                   What Lessons for the European Union' at the European University Institute

                                               Presentation: 'Dual Agent of Transition: How Turkey perpetuates and undermines neo-patrimonial                                                        patterns in its Post-Soviet Neighbourhood',

                                               18-19 February.


2018                                 Bucharest, 'The present and future of secessionist conflicts'.

                                               Organizer and chair of this workshop at New Europe College in cooperation with the 

                                               Leibniz Institute for East and South East European Studies,

                                               7 July.


                                         Istanbul, 'Diverging Lines: Dialogue and cooperation in research on the Eastern Black Sea region'.                                                        Organizer and chair of this EU-STRAT project workshop in cooperation with Bogazici University,

                                               8 June.


                                         IstanbulGlobal Leadership Forum Bahcesehir University

                                               Presentation: The European Union's Existential Crisis, 

                                               12-13 May.


                                         Cambridge, British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES) Annual Conference.

                                               Presentation: Turkish Foreign Policy towards its Eastern Black Sea Neighbours

                                               13-15 April.


2017                                 Tbilisi, Data Collection Workshop with researchers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and                                                     Ukraine.

                                               20-21 November.


                                         Regenstauf, 1st Corridors Young Researchers Workshop: Obstacles and Opportunities for Dialogue

                                               and Cooperation in Protracted Conflicts.

                                               Presentation: Turkey's foreign policy towards the Black Sea and South Caucasus regions,

                                               3-9 September.


                                         IstanbulGlobal Leadership Forum Bahcesehir University

                                               Presentation: The European Union and the Crisis of Democracy, 

                                               6-7 May.


2016                                 Washington, DC, 9th Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa

                                               Presentation: Alternative Identities and the State in Contemporary Turkey

                                               27-29 October.


                                         Istanbul, Global Leadership Forum Bahcesehir University.

                                               Presentation: Internal Crises of the European Union,

                                               14-15 May. 


2015                                 Montreal, European Consortium for Political Research General Conference.

                                               Presentation: The failure of transitional justice in South Sudan,

                                               26-29 August.


                                         Paris, 6th European Conference on African Studies.                                                                                                                                    Presentation: Seeing is believing!? Making and propagating an idea of the nation in South Sudan,

                                               8-10 July.


2014                                      San FranciscoSudanese Studies Association 33rd Annual Conference. 

                                               Presentation: Does Nationbuilding matter for State-building in South Sudan?,

                                               23-25 May.


                                          Mainz, Institute for Anthropology and African Studies.

                                               Speech: Nation verzweifelt gesucht. Staats- und Nationenbildung im Südsudan, 

                                               13 May.


2013                                      Baltimore, 56th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association.

                                               Presentation: Deterritorialisation and reconfigured sovereignty in South Sudan,

                                               21-24 November.


                                               KampalaNile Basin Conference ‘Authority, territory, community: dynamics of water, land tenure                                                          regimes, and state formation in Africa’.

                                               Presentation: Land and belonging in emerging South Sudan,

                                               14-15 October.


                                               Halle, Conference Emerging South Sudan: negotiating statehood 

                                               Panel Chair: ‘Post-Conflict Reconstruction’, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology,

                                               23-24 September.


                                               Lisbon, 5th European Conference on African Studies.

                                               Presentation: Making borders and identities in South Sudan,

                                               27-29 June.


                                               Rome, Conference Empires and Nations from the 18th to the 20th century.

                                               Presentation: South Sudan – an outlier in post-colonial African nation-building?,

                                               20-22 June.


                                               Zagreb, Conference Identities and Identifications – Politicized Uses of Collective Identities.                                                                Presentation: Nationbuilding in Nascent South Sudan – How to Remember the War, 

                                               18-20 April.